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About Us 2021 Newborn Screening GRACE Award

We are excited to accept nominations for the Generating Real Action by Cultivating Engagement (GRACE) Award - the first award of its kind to recognize a team approach to family and community engagement in newborn screening. We want to spotlight programs or initiatives that engage families and communities in newborn screening with grace and authenticity, so that family needs are met and that lessons learned are integrated into future strategies. 

The award will be presented on Tuesday, September 21st during our virtual engagement session, Newborn Screening is Innovation: Engaging Families in the Newborn Screening System. Selected finalists will receive recognition across Baby’s First Test extensive communication channels of over 3,000 subscribers and followers and be given opportunities to showcase their newborn screening engagement work throughout the year. 

Who Should Apply 

We encourage nominations from all different types of newborn screening stakeholders including but not limited to: 

  • Advocacy organizations 

  • Non-profit organizations 

  • Federally-funded initiatives 

  • State newborn screening programs 

  • Industry-led initiatives 

Submission Criteria 

Committed to meeting families and community partners where they are, we are looking to recognize any program or initiative that engages and supports families and/or family-focused organizations in the newborn screening system. Engagement can look and mean different things across various programs, so the selection committee will be reviewing your programs and initiatives based on your process of engagement and impact on care. 

Entries must have started planning or launched between June 2019 to June 2021. We encourage entries related to newborn screening and COVID-19, though this award is not exclusively focused on the pandemic. If you are submitting a material translated into another language, please also submit the English version as well. 

How to Apply 

Please submit your nomination through our portal ( The nomination includes the following questions: 

Nominator Information 




Entry Details 

1. Who are the team members who have been involved in the planning and development of this entry? Please include any relevant staff and their titles and/or collaborating organizations. 

2. How was this program and/or initiative supported? (50-250 words) 

3. Describe your team’s process for planning and developing this entry. Please be sure to include how you cultivated engagement with families. (50-250 words) 

4. How does this entry meet the needs of families? (50-250 words) 

5. What real action or change is this entry intended to do? Please share any metrics or measures you used or plan to use to evaluate this entry's impact. (50-250 words) 

6. Describe any challenges that your team experienced while planning, developing, or executing this entry. (50-250 words) 

7. Is there anything else that you would like to add? 

You may submit up to three materials with your nomination. These materials can include any relevant planning documents or final products that best showcase how you engaged and met family needs. 

Please submit nominations by Friday, August 13th at 5pm ET. 

Apply today! If you have any questions or have issues submitting your nomination, please contact Jamie Loey ([email protected]). 

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