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2012 Challenge Awards

The 2012 Challenge Award projects are well under way. Be sure to check back for updates on their progress!

Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center- This project will evaluate the Baby's First Test and March of Dimes video created in the 2011 challenge award round as an intervention to increase parental awareness and follow-up on abnormal newborn screening results. Parents of babies born Monday through Thursday will be shown the video and parents of babies born Friday through Sunday will be given the standard hospital pamphlet on newborn screening. Both groups will then have a follow-up phone call to assess their level of understanding. Follow-up rates for out-of-range newborn screening results will also be tracked.

University of Iowa State Hygenic Laboratory and School of Journalism and Mass Communication- This pair has created and is now distributing an updated video detailing how the newborn bloodspot should be collected. The video follows CLIA standards and answers many common questions that nurses and other health professionals have. The video will also be presented at various meetings throughout 2012.

Children's National Medical Center- The Heart Smart Video Project team has designed, produced, and disseminated one customized educational, web-based video for each of two specific target audiences – (1) healthcare providers (primarily nursing staff and physicians responsible for screening policies and procedures) and (2) families and advocates. The electronic video format allows for rapid and economical distribution, easy and convenient access, and standardized and accurate content.

Cora's Story- This project increased awareness of newborn screening, and in particular, pulse-oximetry by engaging social media resources. From starting a blogger ambassador program to hosting webinars and twitter chats, this social media savvy mom is making the connection of why newborn screening is so important to expectant parents. If you would like more information on becoming a Baby's First Test blogger ambassador, click here!

Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders- As part of the DNA Day 2012 celebration, the Center focused on the creation and distribution of educational materials highlighting the new Baby’s First Test website and its use as a primary resource for health department nurses and their clients who participate in teen programs, expectant mother groups and the WIC program. In addition to the creation and distribution of materials supporting Baby's First Test, the Center also worked cooperatively with Northwestern University’s genetic counseling program to schedule presentations for nurses at health departments in the Chicago area and around that state to further elaborate on the importance of newborn screening and the use of Baby’s First Test as a resource.

University of Pittsburgh- In order to increase the awareness of newborn screening in expectant mothers, this team developed, integrated and evaluated a web-based application to promote education and increased awareness for newborn screening among pregnant patients in their first or second trimester.  Following this intervention, they are now evaluating the impact of a newborn screening education kit for prenatal providers for newborn screening education among pregnant patients in their third trimester.

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